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baby chew toy

I thought this was a super cute toy for a new baby. I love the design of it. The name of it is Vulli Chan Pie Gnon Soft Chew Toy, Pink - good luck pronouncing it! I still love it though.

Truly a Happy Plate

Now your kid can reall make a happy plate. Fred and Friends Food Plate is just like that old toy you used to have where you take the magnetic pieces and make facial hair shapes in them. How fun would it be to do it with your food?

Go Ahead - Play with Your Food

We have always played airplane when trying to get both of our girls to eat. The youngest really took to it and we can get her to eat anything if we make it an airplane. I wonder what she would really do if her for was in the shape of an airplane.

what time is it?

This Mellissa and Doug clock is the cutest. i think my youngest would love to play with this toy. for the next occasion it will for sure be a gift for her!

Perfect for the Pool

I looked at every website and finally found a beach bag I love. It's super huge and was on $15. 3 towels, all of our toys, huge water bottle, snacks... you name it and we stick it in there. Not to mention I love the fact it was so cheap. It's made of plastic so you can stick anything in there whether it's wet or dry.